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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Three 3 Inner Secrets to Happiness

We all know & understand that money can’t buy happiness … but many times we act, happier with a bit more money. In our thinking We are conditioned to want to be rich (we also know the rich aren’t happy either); we are trained to want the latest style that television tells us; we feel, we want to earn more money to have the good life.

But none of that will bring us happiness. No matter how much we earn, how much we have in the bank, how nice our clothing or cars or toys. And the sad thing is that it could take us decades of pursuing wealth and luxury items before we realize this.

So what will bring us happiness????? ………..

Luckily, there are three 3 things which do not COST & are FREE by nature. These three things have been proven by research. Here they are, the Three Secrets to Happiness:


We have a human need to be close with other human beings. Having good, supportive friendships or close and loving relationships with our family members will make us to be happy.

Action steps:

· Take time, today, to spend time with your loved ones

· Tell them what they mean to you, to listen to them, and develop your relationship with them.


Positive thinking is the best way to achieve your goals, it can lead to happiness too. Optimism and self-esteem are some of the best indicators of people who lead happy lives.

Action steps :

· Make positive thinking a habit.

· Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

· Instead of “I can’t” think “I can”. It may sound corny, but it can work.


This is the MOST important secret. Become a passionate for the assigned WORK. If we are so immersed in our loving task, we lose track of time, this state will lead to happiness. People find enjoyment when they’re in a challenge.

Action steps:

· Find work or hobbies that you’re passionate about.

· Turn off the TV, get outside and do something that TRULY ENGAGES YOU.

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