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Thursday, July 23, 2009

You were made just unforgetable

Jita b Usko sochun Utna he door paun
Jitna b Usko chahon khud he bikharta Jaun,

Mein Aam Sa Musafir be-aas,be-sahara
Wo door kahin basta aasmaan ka tara,

Mein Rait sey Ulajthi Sehraoon ki hawa Hoon
Wo sahilon peY chalta bad-e-saba ka jhonka,

Haan farak tu bhut hey,
per Baat yeh Fakat hai .. ?

Mein lakh toot jaun
Khud sey he rooth Jaun,

Per Yeh na h0ga Mujse ..
k,Mein usk0 bhul jaun..

God had made you for me , i ever thought as if you were an angel sent from God just for me , But I never e you will be gone forever,but forever seems very short because you were made just UNFORGETABLE :)
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