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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Never Taught Me !!

My eternal desire is to hold you
But it seems to me so hard to do
Is something wrong with my love?
I tried alot to reason it out

Every single day i made an effort
Yet i found myself lacking the force
Finally i lay on bed in pathetic pain
My love increases but nothing i gain

Am i holding you with me so tight?
Although i want to let it go every night
But when the hold of my feelings loosen
I am scared to find myself alone in the end

These feelings dominate me in unique way
Without them i'm a walking dead everyday
A grown-up who doesn't know to live on my own
Because you never taught me to live alone!

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Where Will I Go ??

I do not know where will i go
Where no-one can find me hiding so
Seeking the peace that's in my heart
Trying to find the righteous path

I do not know where will i go
So that the fake laugh I can show
But bitter tears wetting my cheeks
In death alone my life will greet

No sun is there to shine my day
Gloomy clouds only await my way
Struggling to live this life happily
Fighting myself in this battle sadly

Stop digging my wounds deeper
The pain is immense never lighter
My head hangs low but still I try
To find the peace I have to strive

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... Than I Could Show !!!

There's one fact that I can't deny
U changed my world with a blink of an eye
Have been transforming from worst to best
Because you are special to me than the rest

Don't know the courage occurred within me
Is it the best that I can be?
I love to care for you and to love
Because God sent me to you from above

Whether tears of sorrow or joy
It sheds non-stop when I'm with this boy
Should I count my stars when loved by you
Since it's the day when my dreams come true

My search has ended in what I look for
Shukran-Allah! I will not ask more
Each time I sigh when feeling content
This special feeling I never felt

For hours & hours there's something to say
To the sun that sets at the end of the day
But this poem has to end as you know
I LOVE YOU more than I could show.

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