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Saturday, April 10, 2010

You... You... And Only You...

Just the thought of you makes me cry
You are the reason, please wipe my eyes
I'm right there when you are in need
Because you live in me, just tell me please

For you, seeing me cry is a terrible sight
Assuring me all times by a kiss and a hug so tight
One fine day I'll make you Proud
I'll climb to the top & yell your name aloud

Dreaming of you, my eyes are never dry
With you around, there's no goodbye
In good or bad, I'm always near
I need you always to wipe my tears

Every night, I sleep with your lullaby
You come to me, when closed my eyes
You hug me warm and shower me with kisses
Whatever comes, u alone, I'll not want to miss!

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