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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

HeartAche.. HeartBreak.....

I went through many pain and heartbreak
Getting hurt every one more time
But i never learned from my heartache
I keep striving to make you mine

I've wept, drenching my pillow
And i've wept all the tears in the world
My cheeks Shine bright from my tears
Hoping one day to me you'll turn

Through my story i should be blamed
B'coz you are the one who controled this game
In tears i smile, in joy i cry
Waiting one day this heart will be tamed

I cried and cried for the lies you lied
Yet the trust i have has never dried
Sitting by the window squeezing my curtain
Yearning of my heart I'll be loved again
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Still In Love With You...

I'm still in love with you
Though i keep myself away
I live everyday on this thought
Wishing to have you one more day

My heart is so void and empty
Hearing the rattling noise inside
This noise of the broken pieces
Wondering whether like me you've cried

This pain lingers for very long
Which i'm sure you never knew
You just live everyday your life
Where i can never pass through

If ever things will get better?
Living my life without you here
Don't know whether it's bad or good?
I'll continue to cry for the coming years
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My Angel....

My guardian angel is careless and free
It flew happily losing touch with me
But my cheeks are dampened by his tears
He has taken my smile like it's for free

When my lips shivered, quivered and frozen
It darkens in fear as the rain cloud visiting
Yet my angel is always content
For it wont abandone me since he's Godsent

But it loves to see me sad, afraid and alone
So that i will only weep in this wind cold
Showing my hands out expecting it to fall
So that i can embrace it like a precious gold

My pain can be felt by the angel's soul
It is willing to stand my misery told
I pray for this hurting to stop
So that my angel can taste my teardrops
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As i watch my tears fall below
Unlike the tide, they rush very slow
Shining & sparkling with the moonlight
Carrying the happiness which no more in sight

The color they carry changing their tones
From white to red with the pain they hold
Paying no heed they want to escape
From those dim eyes that change the shape

As they rush carrying the emotions
The sob they accompanied with full tension
Shaking the lungs as noone could hold
Forming the pool below so cold

Building the wall surrounding myself
A wall of tears salty like hell
A shudder, a scream envelopping the soul
The dark loneliness taking his role
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Accept Me The Way I Am...

Accept me for what I am
Love me as long as you can
Then you will finally see
How strong my love can be

I'm destined the way I am
I see no hassle with that
That's the truth from above
Everyone has to bear this fact

Everyone differs from others
Like me, so don't bother
Noone can be like me
And i cant be like thee

So accept me for what i am
Im real and like no fakes
I think im a good person
For Lord never makes mistakes
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