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Thursday, January 12, 2012

How I Wish You Were Here

Time   keeps  passing  as  days  turn  into nights
I  sit  here  alone  in  the dark, not turning,
on any  lights
How  I  wish  you were  here,
to  be  by  my side
To   share  each  day  with  me, and be my guide

But   you're  so far away  and I can't feel ,
your  touch, I only  have  your love,
that  I cherish  so  much
My   heart  keeps you  deeply inside each day
As   you  are  with me  in spirit  as time passes away

But  yet  I long  to hold  you and feel you,
next to me , As  the  days  pass by,
that  is all I want  to see
How  I  wish you were here
just  to  hold  me tight
Share  time with me and lay next to me at night

How  many days and nights must pass us by
Sometimes  I  can't  stop the tears,
I seem  to cry
I  want  you here with  me ,
to show me you care
Another  night  without you ,
sometimes  I  feel  I can't  bare

I  want  our  life  spent  together for the ,
rest  of  our  days , But  time is passing us by,
in  so  many  many ways
How  I  wish you were here ,
is  all  I  can think  about
For  without  you beside me ,
I  feel   so  left  out

Please  come  home soon ,
so  I  can  feel  your touch
How  I  wish  you were here ,
thats  all  I  want  so much.


-- Amrit
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