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Thursday, May 29, 2008


All My Life I Struggled,

Struggled For Being Strong..

Never I Gave Up, Never I Quitted,

But Victory Is What I Never Got..

Try n Try Till One Succeeds

Is What A Spider Taught,

But What They Forgot To Teach Is

Human Was An Exception To This Law.

It Was The Day I Gave Up Being Strong,

Walked On The Streets Loosing The Hope All Along.

I Crossed A Street n Saw Someone Fighting

I Crossed Another n Saw Someone Crying.

What I Cudnt Cross Was The Endless Pain Everyone Carried Along.

Before It Was Late,

Before I Cud Have Ended It All,

I Decided To Turn Back,

Turn Back Home

Not To Try Till One Succeeds

But To Try Try n Get A LIFE ......................


All Credit Goes To My Sweet Li'l Friend

Aastha Verma

For This Beautiful Composition

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