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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Last Wish....

Aye Khuda...
Mujhko Zara
Mera Kya
Gunah Tha Bataa...
Meri Thi Kya
Galti Tune
Di Mujhko Yun
Sazaa Bataa...

Zindagi Me
Pehli Baar
Mushqil Se Mila
ThaEk Yaar...
Kiya Usse Tha
Maine Sachha Pyaar
Fir Bhi Kyu Mili
Mujhko Haar...

Dil Ko Kyun Tune
Tod Diya
Tanha Mujhko
Chhod Diya...
Aisa Hi Tha
Karna Fir Kyun
Usko Mujhse
Jod Diya...

Na Bhook Hain
Na Pyaas Hain
Har Pal Dil Me
Ek Aas Hain
Wo Lamha Kabhi To
Jab Dil Ke Mere Wo
Paas Hain...

Dil Ne Jo Bhi
Maanga Tha
Sab Kuch Mere
Saath Tha...
Na Kuch Khone Ko Ab
Paas Hain
Na Kuch Paane Ko Tab
Baaki Tha...

Dil Se Ek
Fariyaad Hain
Dil Se Isko
Maan Le...
Ek Baar To Usse
Milne De
Chahe Fir Meri
Jaan Le...

Aye Khuda...

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I Dont Know Why My Eyes Cry :'(

I don't know why
My eyes cry
I asked them why?
But they both lie
I tried a lot
To keep them dry
I plead to stop
But they both deny.

With dawn I born
With dusk I die
As the pain inside
Tends to magnify
I was so confused
I warned an eye
To go blind
Or clarify

A tear rolled
And stood high
With a sore gaze
Gave this reply:
"Look Inside
You have a heart there;
Its Bro-ken now
And I Justify.".

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Song Of The Soul

In the depth of my soul there is A wordless song -
a song that lives In the seed of my heart...
It refuses to melt with ink on Parchment;
it engulfs my affection In a transparent cloak and flows,
But not upon my lips...

How can I sigh it?
I fear it may Mingle with earthly ether...
To whom shall I sing it?
It dwells In the house of my soul, in fear of Harsh ears...
When I look into my inner eyes,
I see the shadow of its shadow;
When I touch my fingertips,
I feel its vibrations...
The deeds of my hands heed its Presence,
as a lake must reflect The glittering stars;
my tears Reveal it,
as bright drops of dew Reveal,
the secret of a withering rose...

It is a song composed by contemplation,
And published by silence,
And shunned by clamor,
And folded by truth,
And repeated by dreams,
And understood by love,
And hidden by awakening,
And sung by the soul.

It is the song of love;
What voice could sing it?
It is more fragrant than jasmine;
What voice could enslave it?
It is heartbound, as a virgin's secret;
What string could quiver it?

Who dares unite the roar of the sea,
And the singing of the nightingale?
Who dares compare the shrieking tempest,
To the sigh of an infant?
Who dares speak aloud the words,
Intended for the heart to speak?
What human dares sing in voice,

The song of The SOUL ??

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Falling Stars . .. ...

Know that I loved you from the start,
Know that I believed in who we are,
I never dreamed my life this way..

Don't wish upon a falling star,
Love will remind us who we are,
I dreamed a dream so much is changed..

Wake, you've been sleeping;
And tell me what to believe in;
You fell so far.. You should have been a star...

Before the light begins to fade,
I was hoping that you'd show me the way,
To never ever be afraid to change..

Wake, you've been sleeping;
And tell me what to believe in;
Wake, you've been sleeping;
You pushed too far now you're bleeding..
You fell so far.. You should have been a star...

The light that you've been keeping inside,
Will guide you on your way....


This Is Very Close To Me...
Hah.. Stars..
They'll Be Just The Same.. Age After Age...
They'll Only Stay There n' Keep Laughing At You n' Your Miserable Wishes...

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A Dream World . .. ...

Kahin toh.. kahin toh..
Hogi woh,
Duniya jahan tu mere saaath hai..
Chaha mein chaha tu,
Aur jahan bas tere mere zajbaat hain..

Hogi jahan saba teri,
Palkon ki kirano mein..
Lori jahan chand ki,
Sune teri bahon mein...

Jane na kahan woh duniya hai..
Jane na woh hai bhi ya nahi..
Jahan meri zindagi mujhse,
Itni khafa nahi..........


Living in a shell... Sometimes it Really hurts like Hell..
Hai Na...!!
Yeah.. Sometimes you want to go away..
Just Leave Everythin' Visible Or Audible Maybe.. N' Go..
Just Go..
Go To a place where nobody'll be there but the one you Adore like A Bliss...

Is There A World Like That Anywhere ??

Stings and Pain.. They are so Hard n' Frequent..
Hah.. They almost make the target Immune...
And in that moment of Immunity..
In That Moment Of Immobility..
You Dream...
It doesn't matter what you Dream..
It doesn't matter what youe See..
It doesn't matter what you Perceive..
What only matters is that you still have the ability to Dream...

I know One day will come.. & I'll lose that Ability too...
Coz' I'll be a Dream Then...

Yeah.. You Guessed Right.. Am Goin' Crazy....
And Its Not A Dream...
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Your heart listens in silence,
The secrets of the days and the nights..
But your ears thirst for the sound,
Of your heart's pleas and plights..

Your fingers sense the unknown,
Knowing its a mirage or a delusion..
But your senses touch the brinks,
Feeling some truth or may be some fiction..

Your mind tells the days to come,
Life will remain always evergreen..
But your soul never wishes to believe,
Of that one wonder or that one gleam..

Ah !!!
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All Night...

For the first time in my life,
I saw the new sun;
The Reason, I never slept,
Yes, I was praying all night…

For the second time in my life,
I felt pain in my chest;
The Reason, my heart wept,
Yes, I was crying all night…

I called you an angel,
I saw wings at your side;
The Reason, I was in sky,
Yes, I was flying all night…

You forgot to say good night,
I forgot my sleep;
The Reason, I was missing you,
Yes I was dying all night…

I said, we’ve so much in common,
We would end up being one;
The Reason, I really hoped that to be true,
Yes, I was counting all night…

You said, you’ve no words to praise me,
I lied motionless for an hour;
The Reason, I never felt so good,
Yes, I was grinning all night…

I said, I never lie,
Then I thought of you and me;
The Reason, I was assuring myself,
Yes I was lying all night…

You said, I should’ve told you before,
What difference could that have made;
The Reason, I was not a competitor,
Yes, I was trying all night…

My love is hopeless; it carved its home in me,
And GOD !! I was sweating;
The Reason, the home was in ashes,
Yes, I was burning all night…

My loves die, even before they are born,
And my feet were muddy;
The Reason, I was in a graveyard,
Yes, I was mourning all night…

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