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Sunday, March 29, 2009

अजनबी शहर के अनजान रास्ते, मेरे हाल पर मुस्कुराते रहे.....
मैं बहुत देर तक तनहा चलता रहा, तुम बहुत देर तक याद आते रहे....
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The Tears of the Sky

the tears of the sky
tearing my wounds apart
the salty tears
gushing against my window
angst of the storm
they have brought with them..
the mighty tears of the sky
aren't letting me sleep..
drop drop drop by drop
they fill up
an empty bowl in my courtyard
tears of the sky....
one by one...
drip down
my eyes are empty too
they do not fill them,but !
are the
...tears of the sky...

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Longing of a Woman

The alarm clock strikes 7 am.. and she slips out of her dreams..rubbing her eyes to see the Sun of a new day..eye in eye with the Sun.. she wakes up to a day full of longing..
the longing to meet those who parted away by looking at the photo frames..
the longing to find the lost love after listening to an old melody on FM...
the longing to rest the head in mother's lap when a tear rolls down the cheek....
the longing to listen to dad's husky voice when an almost alike voice echoes in the street downstairs..
the longing to hear inspirational words from the mouth of an old school teacher again...
the longing to play cricket with the kids on the road when their ball comes rolling by your feet.....
the longing to travel across the world when you set your eyes on the World Map in your child's geography book..
the longing to bathe on the village well again with the village girls, who are no more girls but women now....
the longing to see the wishes coming true after tying a red thread around an old tree....

and the longings are unending...... just like desires...
Hope Floats...truly said !
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Ek Geet Hijar Da (by Rabbi Shergil)

Ek Geet Hijar Da Ajj asaan ve bolna / Today I shall speak
Ajj kise na tokna / Today I shan't be stopped
Lekh ve jindrhi da / The script of destiny
Ajj asaan ve bhogna / Today I shall live it

Na roveen meet moiyan te mere / Don't cry at my death my Friend
Na paavin vainh moiyan te / Don't sing mournful tunes
Tu gaaveen geet / Sing instead this song
Ek geet / This Song

Kal jo beet gaya / Yesterday, all that passed
Na beeteya O jo beet gaya / Hasn't passed but remains with me
Sool mere seene / A thorn in my heart
Vairi khob gaya / Driven by Foe

Keetey main sab chaare / I've used all options
Saarey upaa haare / All cures have failed
Ehda 'laaj bas ek geet / The only cure is this song
Ek geet hijar da / A song of longing

Ek geet hijar da / A song of longing
Ek geet sabar da / A song of restraint
Ek geet karam da / A song of kindness
Ek geet reham da / A song of mercy

Ek geet milan da / A song of union
Ek geet balan da / A song of burning
Ek geet gunaah da / A song of Sin
Ek geet panaah da / A song of pardon

Ek geet, Ek geet, Ek geet / A song, A song, A song

Hunh na kujh disda / Now I see nothing
Hunh na kujh sujhda / Now I can't grasp anything
Zehar naseebaan da / Since the poison of the fate
Ajj asaan jo peeta / Has been mine to drink

Sa'te taras kareen / Have mercy on me
Na lekha mera mangii / Don't ask for my liabilities
Ve tu sunii eh mera geet / Just listen this song of mine

Vekheen zara / Look here
Na hove kharaab / Don't let it go waste
Boohey tere, hanju mera / This teardrop of mine
Ho jaave tere dar te manzoor / Let it be accepted at your gate
Mere Huzoor / My Master

Eh geet hijar da / This song of longing
Eh geet sabar da / This song of restraint
Eh geet karam da / This song of kindness
Eh geet reham da / This song of mercy

Eh geet milan da / This song of union
Eh geet balan da / This song of burning
Eh geet gunaah da / This song of Sin
Eh geet panaah da / This song of pardon

Eh geet, Eh geet, Eh geet / This song, This song, This song
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Monday, March 16, 2009

I Was Always There For You . .. ...

Faking a laugh, faking a smile,
Hiding the truth behind a mask, while

my heart is breaking into pieces
with every smile that i give
That's the life that i live

Used to believe in fairy tales, thinking it's a beautiful world
Then i was appalled with the truth that this world holds

I tried to fool myself and hide behind my dreams
Tried to make everything as simple as it seems

But deep inside, there were thousands of bursting tears,
with every smile that i used to give
that's the life that i live

Ended up with a broken heart,
ended up with my life ripped apart.

Ended up left alone in the darkness, crying,
Gave up and just quit trying...
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My Silence Speaks A Lot ...

The Silence In my Words,The Un-Asked Question Forces me to Move towards an Undesired Direction.
In Its Own Classic Gait,Life Moves,
Once blinded,thought There was no One To Lose.

Deprived of the feelings of happiness,I feel left alone in this Mess loneliness,Finding out love In You..
I Try,Unable to Smile,Unable to Cry.
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We Loved To Create Memories..

Your memories still haunt me
For i'm still not over you
It's no easy to forget
For it used to be so true

These memories are my hope now
Yes they are my reason
They push me forward in my life
In any kind of season

And when i feel all betrayed
I go back to the times
When everything was so well
As the early sunrise

When joy moved to my heart
Like willing to stay
But before i realized
You were walking away

Your memories still haunt me
For i cant get over you
And i want no one else
It'll never get that true ..

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Words Cant Describe How I feel

Will I ever be the same again
Will I ever get past all these lies
Will I ever open my eyes
And see that you are nothing
Nothing but lies

Will I ever be able to cry again
Will I ever be able to love again
Will I ever be able to sing again
Will I ever be free again

Free of your lies
Free of your seduction
Free of your lips
Pressed against my unwilling lips...

Do you want to seduce me
Into doing what you may?
Nay, I say, I will not fall
I will not let you take over
While I lose it all

And when I am lieing on the floor
Screaming for air
Losing my mind
And crying out for help
You just stand there smiling

Do you enjoy my pain?
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