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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Black Tears

Hot sensations rolling down each cheek

My tortured soul, is what they seek.

Dripping down my wretched face

Desperation for a simple touch, but heartbreak is all that's left in it's place.

Rejection has left my spirit cold

Your the shadow that has me in its hold.

I bleed heavy where you cut me so deep

In my state of isolation, I pray the darkness my soul to keep.

Broken up so deep inside

For you my heart has travelled far and wide.

But here I stand alone

Listening to the heavy beat of my heart drone.

You're never be here to wipe these tears away

And you're not here to tell me everything will be okay.

You will never know about the tears that leak onto my pillow at night

Or how, when I look into those eyes, the urge I must forever fight.

I will not cry for you on the outside anymore

But on the broken inside, my emotions will continue to roar.

And no matter what happens in this life, you will never know

Why these black tears ever did show.

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