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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Please Listen

Please listen for once, stop uttering a word
Just think of the first day, we met like two birds
The memories we shared, the talks you cared
Those golden days somehow surpassed all these years

All these days, I have lived in wretched tears
the silent tears that fell in this cold atmosphere
Nothing but honesty that filled all my words
Yet my heart broke apart, living in fear

Cut-throat pain, unbearable, yet i beared
Sadness and depression prominently shown, all these years
The silence in me, is so loud deafening my ears
Striving to forget what I cannot, as I am here

A dark special secret you'll remain to be
Without regret, you transformed a complete me
Amist the tears, you did give some memories
Don't know how this took place, so beautifully ..
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