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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Up Until Now

Up until now
I had so much to say
but it's everything I've said
That's gotten in my way

I won't talk about you
Anymore to anyone
The time for that has passed
It's just over with and done

Supposed-to-be forgotten words
are still dancing in my head
And I'm just trying to "not remember"
A single thing you've said


I wanna forget all about you
Who you are and what your name is
Cause it's causing so much pain
And I honestly can't take this ..

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My Pure Intention

Wrong actions you feel from me
Intentions are pure but you dint see
Painful to bear these haunting doubts
Unfair you treat this easily

No where to run to hide oneself
Whether from one or from yourself
The wound so deep leaving the scar
Ego and pride that had been marred

Smashed out my brain if I should stay
Will it be wrong if I block your way?
Happiness forever is what I wish you
Even if I have to walk on fire through

Wanting to be the reason behind your smile
For that I'm ready to change my life-style
The hand that wipes your tears should be mine
I'll strive till end to make your life fine.
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Why my days are always sad?
Everybody around thinks I'm mad
May be I lost my precious smile
But search in you, I 'll surely find.

Every night I kneel and pray
That I'll see you the coming day
It's like I am born anew
The moment my eyes set upon you

For what I have never had
That's not the reason, Why i'm sad
But my life becomes gloomy
That's when, you, i don't see

For you I carry a smile
That will last a long while
Now and forever my tears would know
The salty taste in it, purer than snow
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Unspoken Love

You came to my life quietly, simple and the world stood still
I could not say a word or even simple gesture showed
So I love you in silence
Worship you in a distance
Dream of you from a far
The feeling was kept

I wanted to say I love you
I wanted to show you how I care
But became afraid, afraid that you'll laugh at me
Then in silence I try to find the fulfillment of my unspoken love....!!!!!!
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A Love Like No Other

I never felt a love
Like this before
It's a love like no other
Something I have always hoped for

A love with friendship
Humour and heart
A bond so strong
It would never part

A love that makes you smile
From ear to ear
A love that is joyful
Without any fear

A love that is beautiful
From the inside out
A love with no tears,
Pain, or doubt

A love with soul
So tender and true
A love that I have found
Only in you...
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Her Pain

Her eyes are swollen.
Her cheeks are red.
Tears pouring out of the lonely girl.
Love was all she asked for.
She got walked all over.

It seemed that no one cared for what she believed in.
As she lays in her bed, saying a prayer to make the pain go away.
She can't sleep, so she steers at his picture.
Trying to put the memories in her past.

She's waits to see, how she's going to make it.
As she struggles to get out of bed, thinking of what went wrong.
She has lost all the faith and all the happiness.
She is lost in the waking of her day.

As she has no one to talk to.
She's done everything to try to make it.
As one night she made her choice,
She can't live without him.

She swore that she couldn't make it without him.
As days go by, she doesn't want to come out.
She wrote him a note, saying that she will always love him.

One night she lost it.

Her mom came to get her because he came to see her.
She can't get her to answer her or the door.
As they break in her room, they have found out they lost her.

She lays with the note and his picture on her chest.

He was too late, she was gone and all he does is scream.

She had finally ended her pain.

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Do You ???

Do you love me when the stars are out
Can you see where I am
The brightest star tonight
Do you love me when you see the moon
As the world turns, can you reach out and touch me
Is my hair soft and golden,
Are my eyes close to you

Do you love me when the sun shines on a flower
Can you smell the grass and trees
Is that where you will find me
I want to be all of yours
Will you look at a butterfly and know I have passed by

Do you love me when you see a rainbow
Is my heart beating in time or space
Will you come to me if I close my eyes
I see you as I read many books to learn
My soul is calling yours, will you answer
You speak in every language
I hear your voice in the distance
I see you everywhere I turn.

Do you love me when I am walking near the ocean
As the seagulls sing above
And the sky reminds me of the blue in your eyes
I want you to be part of who I am
And when you do, we will be as one
I have an unconditional love,
Which I would like you to share
Do you see my heart loving you,
Until the end is near.
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I Miss You. .. ....

I miss you.
I miss your warm eyes,
the way you listen and care.
I miss your kisses
and all that we share.

I miss you.

I miss the touch of your hand,
so reassuring and sincere,
and the moments we spend together,
that I hold dear.

I miss you.

I miss all of the caring
things you do,
and spending the evening
alone with you.

I miss you.

I look forward to tomorrow
knowing that then,
I'll be one day closer
to seeing you again.

You must have
guessed it by now...

I miss you!

-- Amrit
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You are all of my beautiful dreams,
put together, and rolled into one.
You're the moon and stars in my sky,
and the light of my morning sun..

You're my first thought in the morning,
and my very last thought each night.
Dreams of you hold me through my day;
bring comfort to me, until morning light.

You have brought me a world of love,
which fills every emotion within me.
A world I always knew could exist,
but not one, I ever thought I would see.

A beautiful world that can only be seen,
through the hearts of two joined as one.
One that paints all of the colors of love,
more deeply within, as each day is done.

A portrait of love, captured by my heart,
and reflected so deeply into my soul.
Embracing me within beautiful dreams,
from love so precious, it makes me whole.

-- Amrit
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You Are So Special....

 A night could bring me joy when I am in your arms.
You makes my soul feel happy and your love run deep in my heart.,
Nothing could be more important for me but just being with you.
Your first kiss made complete trust on you.

Your every touch made me fall in love with you forever
Your every love words melt my heart with affection
You are my inspiration of life
Your qualities reflects on me in many ways.
Even when I close my eyes I dream about you and
they can hold truth inside my heart

you are so special to me and I wanted you to know
that my heart never forgets you...
-- Amrit
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You My Sweet Love..

You my sweet love,
I miss ever so much.
The softness of your lips,
And your warm loving touch.

Many uncontrollable circumstances,
Have kept us so far apart.
Yet every moment I carry you,
Deep within my heart.

Whenever we're together,
My spirit is such aglow.
You always color my world,
Like a beautiful rainbow.

You are the love of my life,
That you'll always be.
The special times we share,
Just mean everything to me.

Each time we kiss,
There is nothing so sublime.
Always deliciously fresh,
Like the very first time.

Holding you close in my arms,
Flames my passion and desire.
My soul ever so burns,
Like I am ravaged in fire.

Each day I find happiness,
So much joy and laughter.
Knowing that soon we'll be together,
And living happily ever after
-- Amrit
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