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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chalte Chalte

Kal Yunhi Chalte CHalte ek Sheher sey mera guzar Hua,
Veranian thi Her suu,UdasiyOn mein dUba Hua

Mohabat ki fIza thi kahIn kahIn,
Kisi Kisi mOr per ansUon meIn mIta ..

Ek Jagha Nazar MujkO Toota ParInda Aya,
Bebasi thi JiSka Mazher,ApnOn k HathOn lUta Hua

hasarton ney kia tha nAdhaal usey b,
her manzil pey Jiska mukaam Tha Ujra Hua ..

Na kOI humsafer na kOi sathi Tha,
JAney Kis Aas Mein abi wO baki Tha

Shaid kUch Umeed thI usset meri tarah,
Saans cHal rhi thI,Irada Aasmaan kO chuta hUa ..

.. kAl yUnhi chalte chalte ek shehar sey mera gUzar Hua !


I am sIlently Moving tO wOrse and wOrse,and yeah wOrst is My DestinatiOn,Infct m bOund to it !

Full of Misery,tears .. But sIlent tears,falling DrOp by drOp,bUt whO cares ?

I am fOrced to live,thOugh I wish tO Live a Life at Its fUllest !

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