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Monday, December 28, 2009

I Really Can't Do .......

My constant wish is to hold you
A simple desire that makes me blue
My love I have is out of the world
It takes a lifetime to stop this swirl

Even if I die, my life will go on
Gripping on my feelings that move along
Finding myself in pathetic pain
Because my love for you increased again

Holding you tight deep down my heart
Fearing I might loosen my grip
Do not know why I do this
I only know, you! I shouldn't miss

My strange feelings dominate me
I depend on them not breaking free
They enchant me, when on my own
By the thoughts of you, I'm not alone

Is this what one calls real love?
I tried to forget the message sent from above
But why is that I want only you?
Forget her boy! that's something I can't do

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