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Monday, December 28, 2009

Would I Ever Love Again ???

In the dark with the music on
i reflect on this life of mine
and the emptiness only your eyes have
that only knows how to b i t ch and whine

and those hands, your beautiful hands
there the only part of you i know
we connected so many times
that i almost savor every blow

and that heart of yours
that refuses to beat
and the hate in your eyes
my only defeat

how the chains you have on me
break into my skin
I’m bleeding, I’m bleeding
but only from within

and even if i were free
id cling just the same to you
these chains don’t need to be visible
i know what I’m trained to do

id cry and beg
but in the end i would stay
this weak heart of mine
cant bear to betray

so forever and ever
ill push and ill shove
i promise never to abandon
i wont give up on love!

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