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Friday, February 24, 2012

Cry For You

For five months I have waited 
And held all my tears 
But last night I let them flow 
I never again wanted to cry for you 
Because of what you did 
You don't deserve my tears

Because of what you did 

I Gave up 
I find no hope in humanity 
Because of what you did 
I see no love in a heart 
I look for the corruption 
Because of what you did 
I no longer care 
I try not to feel I try not to cry 
You don't deserve my tearsBecause of what you did 
I lost the only thing that made me happy 
You were what got me through each day 
But because of what you did 
I don't know what to do 

All that is left is tears 

Tears that have been waiting to fall 
Waiting for me to break 
Waiting for me to admit 
That I miss your love 
But you don't deserve me

Because of what you did 

I am now lost Alone without you or anybody else 
You don't deserve my tears 
But I still cry for you
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