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Friday, February 24, 2012

Real Love

Real Love?
Saying," I Love You always and Forever"
Tears ...sadness, playful times and laughter ...
Will there be a happily ever after?
Times of uncertainties, empty feelings..
empty thoughts...empty hearts...
Can our love survive or will it drift apart?

Good times ,bad times ...
we are going through it all...
can we keep this relationship going strong ....
or will crumble to pieces, and fall?

Do we want our love to continue to grow and grow?...
Do all we planed for the future ...
and never let go ?
Whatever tomorrow may bring ..
If we stay together or go
separate ways ...
Remember all our fun times and all our happy days .
One thing I know we can do no matter what ...
is to keep our love
the good memories locked deep inside our hearts..
because keeping them there is a bond
between us that can never be torn apart ...
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