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Monday, December 12, 2011

Never Forget

Our journey has ended,
It's time to start anew.
New places, new faces,
a new world to see, too.

Mystery, magic,
all this will be there.
For starting a new life
will become our new care.

But with this sudden change,
Frightful things may come about
That may make us wonder
and begin to doubt.

In these times of trouble,
when we need to hear laughter,
It's our old friends that we will
begin to seek after.

We remember the old times,
The heartaches, the fun.
The parties, the dances,
the days in the sun.

The memories of old,
the ones we never forget,
Will be with us forever,
in our minds we commit.

Old friends never fade,
never seem to disappear,
Whenever you need them,
hey will always be near.

They were always there for you,
whatever time night or day,
And always knew just the right things
to do or say.

Your troubles seemed so small,
Your tears never came,
For with your old friends,
immediate answers were named.

Life is always better
when you have friends to hold.
This is what I learned
and have forever been told.

Friends should never forget,
never lose touch in any way.
For having your old friends
will leave you with brighter days.
-- Amrit
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