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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Love You

I don't think three simple words
Can tell you how I feel
Cause when do you know "I love you"
Actually is real?

Does it include that I need you
Like a heart needs a beat?
Does it include that without you
I am incomplete?

Does love mean that you made
My falling feel like flying?
That every time I'm away from you
It feels like I'm dying?

Life tend to loose its meaning
When you're not around
It's like the world refuses to move
And I can't make a sound

Because air is overrated
When you fill my universe
I've said your name so many times
I never get sick of the rehearse

People use to write their names
On my heart, but you carved yours in
We both know that you're an angel
And so far I'm your worst sin

And even if I'm an insomniac
I only dream about you
And you will keep my heart
And I promise to keep yours too

The distance don't keep you away
Because you're always on my mind
You're the closest to perfection
That I could ever find

And I've been longing for you
And your sweet caress
There is so much I want to say
But you always leave me speechless

If this is the meaning of love
I love you forever and today
If this is the meaning of " I love you"
I've got nothing more to say
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